Property Protection Services By Property Management Firms

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with owning a property, as one has to maintain it, take care for it, monitor it, and ensure it is operated properly. It is quite a lot like managing a business and ensuring all the functions are being run smoothly. Sometimes the owner of the property may not reside in the area in which the property is located due to which the it may be neglected or misused by those around. One might even consider renting it out but there is a lot of judgment and tenant screening involved that a layman might not be aware of.

To simplify the whole process of property management, many companies are springing up that provide management services you can rely on. Investors who have invested in lucrative residential property in places like Fort Hood and Killeen but do not live there are increasingly availing the services of such property management firms. Such firms are specialized in managing residential property with the help of innovative processes and systems that are managed by well-trained staff and professionals, technicians, and some of the best accountants.

Property management services comprise the following services:

  • Rigorous screening: These companies simplify the process of finding reliable tenants for your property by verifying important details like their income, criminal background, and credit background. They help you find tenants who will pay the rent in time and take good care of your property.
  • Inspections: In spite of your property being occupied by tenants, the company will inspect it on a regular basis to ensure it is being taken care of properly. The home inspectors performing the inspections keep you updated on the condition of your property and whether there is any need for repairs.
  • Financial reports: The companies use a web based property management system to keep a tab on all incomes and expenditures related to your property. The reports prepared by them include financial statements, payment history of the tenants, property history, etc.
  • Maintenance: The in-house maintenance staff of the companies takes care of all repair and maintenance issues of your property in a timely and professional manner, which helps you save greatly on your time and money.
  • Collecting rent: You do not need to worry about collecting rent from your tenants as the companies do the job for you diligently and send you the funds through electronic direct deposit or checks.
  • Eviction: In case a tenant is not able to fulfill his rental obligations, the company takes the responsibility of conducting the eviction process and initiating a legal process if need be.

We at Hunter Rentals & Property Management provide complete Property Protection Services in Killeen and Fort Hood areas of Central Texas. For more details, kindly visit us at 1503 W Stan Schlueter Lp, Killeen TX 76549 or call us at (254) 634-3311.

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