Ways To Highlight The Best Features Of Your Rental Home

Highlighting your property’s most prominent features can help to attract quality tenants. With increased Internet usage and buzzing presence of social media, you can employ simple steps to accentuate the best features of your rental home.

Some of the best ways to attract potential tenants towards your home are:

  • Still Photography: Pictures highlight property’s most inviting features, so you must click good photographs from the correct angles for maximum effect. For instance, you can take pictures of swanky appliances, newly renovated spaces, patio etc. You can even make a collage of all the interior and exterior photographs of your home when putting it out on listings.
  • Create A Virtual Home Tour: It may not be possible for every prospective tenant to come and visit your property personally. In such cases, virtual tour may help to attract the attention of tenants. Use your smartphone or video camera to create a virtual tour of your property and surrounding areas. Upload the video on your social media profiles or property listing websites to create an opportunity for engaging potential renters.
  • Use Excellent Quality Images: It is imperative to take high-quality pictures using a good camera. Blurry or low-quality images can create a negative impression about your home and may not make it look as beautiful as it actually is. Nowadays, even the latest smartphones are equipped with cameras that bring out superior quality images.
  • State Other Essential Facts: Apart from the rental home, tenants also have a keen interest in inquiring about the locality. You may also put information about amenities such as nearby grocery stores, restaurants, schools, parks etc. Doing so can significantly attract long term potential tenants.
  • Make Use Of Tenant Testimonials: Former tenant references can go a long way in attracting the attention of potential tenants. Therefore, you can ask your previous tenants to enlist the most appealing features of your home in few lines to be put up on your social media accounts.

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