Questions To Ask Your Landlord Before Signing The Lease

Once you have zeroed on a particular rental property, you will be asked to sign a lease agreement by your landlord. It is important to honor your lease agreement and be a good tenant but, you also need to ask certain questions to your landlord before signing on the dotted line.

Following is a list of questions that you need to ask:

  • How will I pay my rent? : You know that you are required to pay a monthly rent to your landlord but you also need to know how to pay it. While certain landlords will prefer that you pay rent online, others would want to get a payment check. In other instances, the rent could also be paid by hand or through mail. You also need to inquire about late fees and grace periods.
  • Is There Any Non-Refundable Deposit Of Fees? : Some landlords have the provision of a non-refundable deposit in their lease agreement. Although many states prohibit the landlords from having a non-refundable deposit, being aware will help you to determine if you are being charged rightfully.
  • What is the duration of my lease? : Lease agreements have varying term periods and therefore this is an important question to ask. Some leases work on a monthly basis which might not be a suitable option for you. Also, a number of landlords are willing to offer discounts if you sign a longer lease with them. Ask about the charges that may be levied in case you break the lease agreement.
  • What is your pet policy? : You need to clarify the pet policy and adhere to the guidelines set up by your landlord. Be clear about the pet deposits, prohibited breeds and monthly fees etc.
  • What Is The Security Deposit And Is It Refundable? : Generally, the security deposit amounts to one month’s rent. However, certain landlords may charge a lesser amount. The security deposit is refundable as per law but you need to be sure about all the terms and conditions. In some cases, you may not get your entire security deposit back, particularly if you have a pet. It is best to discuss this with your landlord before signing the lease document.
  • Do I Require A Renters’ Insurance Policy? : If your state laws or your landlord require that you have a renters’ insurance policy, you need to have a re-look at your budget. Shop around to get the best deal and find an insurance policy that has a low premium.

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