Renting An Unfurnished Home

If you are planning to rent your unfurnished home in Killeen, TX, it is necessary to know your target customers. Families with school going kids and senior officials in comparatively stable jobs look for such options.  A rental house that is located in an area that has good schools or nearby amenities, will attract a number of tenants. People who have already bought their own furniture, wish to bring it to their rented home as well; and thus opt for an unfurnished property.

Benefits Of Renting An Unfurnished Home

Attracts A Large Pool Of Tenants

An unfurnished home allows the tenants to furnish the house the way they want. They can either buy new furniture or bring their own. There is no limitation regarding the type of furniture they bring and can experiment with the setting as well.

Encourages Renters Stay For Longer

Unfurnished rental homes have a lower rate of vacancy. This is because the tenants who bring their furniture along and settle well in one home prefer to stay for longer periods.

No Worries About Wear And Tear

The landlord can benefit greatly by renting a property without furniture. He does not have to worry about damages and also has to spend a lesser amount on repairs or maintenance. The tenants are responsible for any damage caused.

Requires Little Investment From The Landlord

The landlord does not have to make a huge investment on furniture. He simply has to spend on cleaning to make the home look more presentable.

Tips That May Help In Renting An Unfurnished Home

Check The House For Leakages

When preparing a vacant house for tenant visits, the landlord should inspect the house inside out. He should check the taps, pipes, roof and the floorboards for any leakages, gaps or cracks. Drafts and damp areas can be easily spotted in a house without furniture.

Make The Necessary Repairs

Repair work proceeds at a greater speed in an empty house. The landlord can turn it into an attractive deal by ascertaining that the appliances like washer/ dryer, garbage disposal and heating/cooling system work. Check the sockets, lamps and all sorts of electric fittings. Polish the floor, repaint the doors and make sure they do no creak. Schedule a tune-up for heating/cooling vents and geyser.

Provide With Basic Appliances

Even though the tenants bring their own furniture, there are certain items that can be provided by the landlord. Basic kitchen appliances such as stove, dishwasher and refrigerator are always appreciated by a tenant.

Stage A Bit

To stage the house, opt for good quality but neutral colored drapes. Spread clean carpet to lend a cozy look to the property. Hang paintings can be added in the living room, bedrooms and hallway. An oversized mirror over the fireplace or in the drawing room can leave a positive impact. Place a rocking chair and create a seating area in the backyard to make it look inviting. Decorate the house with plants and flower vases wherever possible. A server, coat hanger and a shoe rack can also be provided to lightly furnish the house.

Be Flexible

The key to have a higher occupancy rate is to be flexible with the tenants. If you wish to rent an unfurnished apartment but your tenant insists you to provide some utilities, it is advisable to agree. Since most tenants who bring their own furniture are comparatively less mobile, a landlord can make them stay for a longer period by making a few adjustments.

Keep It Clean

A clean property will always rent faster. Make sure the walls are spotless. If not, you may consider repainting. Keep the kitchen and bathroom well-maintained. Clear out the closets and drawers. Vacuum the house well before the tenants visit.

Additionally, you need to make sure that you list your apartment online and upload good photos. Ask for a reasonable rent and be available for the tenants whenever needed. Create a descriptive rental agreement and clear any doubts that the renters may have.

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Tips To Attract Long-Term Tenants

Renting out a property to long-term tenants reduces the vacancy rate significantly. The most important aspect in making tenants stay is the way you present your property. A furnished property with all the basic amenities is preferred by most tenants, particularly those looking for an extended stay. Listed below are some tips that can help you to attract long-term tenants:

Be Welcoming To Changes
A number of tenants who are looking for a rental home would prefer a property that allows minor modifications such as moving or adding the furniture, replacing drapes and rugs etc. Too many restrictions can be off-putting and the renters may start looking for other available properties. If you wish to make your tenants stay in for a long period of time, you should allow them to personalize the apartment.

Provide them with hooks in the walls where they can hang their family photos and souvenirs. Install light weight curtains that can be easily removed as well as shelves and racks to increase storage. Make the house comfortable to live in, but at the same time, allow changes if required.

Rent A Furnished Property
People looking for a rental home, particularly those moving from a different state, preferably look for a furnished property. A home equipped with the necessary appliances like a washer/dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher and an oven can be helpful in attracting long term tenants easily. You may furnish the house with basic furniture as well. Place a neutral colored sofa that can be embellished with bright colored throws and cushions. It can help you to attract tenants as well as secure a higher rent as well.

Accept Their Pets
By having a ‘no pet policy’, you may miss out on quality tenants who pay the rent timely and take good care of your property. You can allow pet owners to rent your apartment by including a special clause in the agreement that obligates them to cover any damage and ensure a professional clean up when vacating. This increases your chances of finding tenants quickly in future as well.

Make The Stay Comfortable
Tenants always look for properties where they can stay comfortably and feel at home. There are a number of things that can be done to make your house comfortable for them. Make sure that the house has proper lighting. Ensure the heating and cooling systems work properly. Install a thermostat, good quality blinds, carpets and rugs to keep the house cozy when temperature falls. Get rid of any items left behind by the previous tenants.

Reward Them With Add-Ons
For tenants who keep the property tidy and well-maintained, you may reward them with discounts on rent or maintenance charges. Invite them for dinner parties on festivals or send gifts. This contributes to trust building and improves your relationship with the tenants.

Keep Up With The Repairs
Before you let new tenants into your rental apartment, you may consider making the required repairs. Ensure that the taps are working, the roof is not leaking and the appliances are in good condition. In case of future repairs or maintenance, be available to your tenants with necessary contacts and timely assistance.

Maintain The Curb Appeal Of Your Property
A well maintained property is rented in a much shorter time. A tenant will stay in a property for longer if it is in good condition and has a better curb appeal. For this, you may trim and mow the grass. Replace burnt out lamps and repaint the gate as well as fence if needed. Remember to clean the house thoroughly before inviting potential tenants for visit.

Have A Positive Approach
Landlords need to be positive and inviting when it comes to attracting tenants. A professional yet informal approach can make them feel comfortable. Be clear about the terms and conditions to avoid confusions in future. Respect the privacy of the tenants and give them a prior notice before you visit the property for inspection. Remember your attitude matters the most for attracting good renters who stay for a long time period.

A professional property manager may be hired to make sure your property is thoroughly advertized and well maintained. Implementing the tips mentioned above can be both helpful and profitable for landlords.