Ways To Cozy Up Your Rental Home For Winters

With the winter season just around the corner, its now time to prepare your rental home to withstand the chilling weather conditions. While a home that is outfitted with energy efficient heating systems is preferred by most potential tenants, it also offers some considerably attractive benefits for the landlord.

For the tenants, a properly insulated rental home will lower the risk of allergies and infections, particularly for the infants as well as elderly. Also, a warm and cozy home will reduce the utility bills, thus, minimizing financial burden on the tenant's pocket. From the landlord's point of view, keeping the rental home warm will decrease the likelihood of damage due to dampness, thereby lowering the maintenance charges. Also, such homes are easy to be rented to quality and long term tenants. Therefore, the landlord is less likely to witness vacancy cycles and can receive consistent returns on the investment property.

If you are a landlord in Killeen, TX, given below are some tips that can help to cozy up your rental home for winters:

Install A Programmable Thermostat
This will not only keep your rental home warm, but also increase its energy efficiency. Set the temperature of the thermostat according to the level of heating required during specific times of the day. For instance, you can
set a lower temperature when no one is present in the house, while switching to more heating during nighttime  to get a good night's sleep.

Keep Curtains Closed At Night
At night, windows can get extremely cold, particularly single pane ones, causing a considerable drop the temperature inside the home. To avoid this, you can consider installing a film or weather stripping the windows using plastic/metal frames. This will prevent the heat from getting out of the window and create a cozy atmosphere for your tenants.

Let Sunlight In During The Day
Make sure you let maximum sunlight in your home during the daytime. Open all the windows and curtains so that natural heat can enter inside. Besides keeping your home warm, it will also add freshness and exterminate the any bugs or pests. Overgrown bushes, trees and hedges should also be trimmed to prevent them from blocking the entry of sunlight to your home.

Add Rugs

Tile and hardwood flooring can become quite cold during the winter season. Hence, you can consider opting for carpets so that you can walk around the rooms easily. If you do not want to invest in carpet flooring, placing a rug can be a good option, particularly in your bedroom, near the kitchen and other areas of the home where you tend to walk barefoot.

Install Thick Curtains
If you have rented a furnished house, install thick and multi-layered curtains to prevent cold air from entering inside. Use curtains made of heavy fabric to keep drafts of air at bay. Insulated curtains are also available that have a built-in thermal backing.  Lastly, make sure you buy dark colored curtains to add to the coziness of the winter season.

Plug All Open Spaces

If there is an unused fireplace, drafty doors or cracked windows in the rental home, make it a point to seal them all before the winter season arrives. You can use a thick cloth, plastic sheet or bubble wrap to trap heat inside and ward off cold air. Door sweeps can be used to block cold air passing under the door. Also, cover the fireplace as it may exhaust the heat through the chimney.

Clean The Roof And Gutters

You should not skip inspecting the roof and gutters of your rental home. Accumulation of dirt, leaves or other debris can clog the gutters and prevent the melted snow from draining properly. Also, broken tiles and shingles in the room can cause water to leak into your home, leading to mold and mildew problems.

Move Furniture Away From the Vents

Take a look around the house to see if any of the heating vents have been blocked by furniture. Reposition the furniture, at least for the winter season, so that each room can be adequately heated. Placing furniture against the return vents can also lead to air pressure issues, which may further disrupt proper heating of the home.

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Renting Your Killeen Home: A Step By Step Guide

Renting out your home brings along lot of responsibilities. You have to advertize your home, maintain and stage it properly in order to fix a deal. Doing it right is imperative to find the best tenant for your property and secure the highest rent. A professional or experienced landlord knows about the tips and tricks involved in renting a property successfully. If you are a new landlord, go through the following step by step guide to understand how to rent a home:


Prepare your home much before you advertize

If you are planning to rent out your home in the on-season, you need to prepare well in advance. Once you advertize your property, you may not get much time to prepare for the house visits.

While preparing your house, you should look into the following areas:

  • Make sure all the appliances are working properly
  • Inspect the plumbing fixtures and drainage system
  • Get the house thoroughly cleaned
  • Lay out tidy rugs and carpets
  • Trim the grass in the lawn and backyard

Advertize your property to attract prospective tenants

Once you are done with preparing your house, the next big step is to spread the word about it. You can get your house listed on some of the popular real estate websites. Apart from online advertizing, you can post ads in newspaper classifieds. Highlight the washer and dryer, clean bathroom area, parking space and other attractive features of the house.

Pre-requisites for tenant visit

After advertizing, it becomes necessary to schedule tenant visits. In case some areas need repair or replacement, you can very well inform the tenants. Maintaining transparency will promote trust building and the chances of the tenant renting your place may increase.

Be Informed about the laws

Renting a home is a legal affair and it is advisable to seek professional help before going about the process. A real estate agent can help you get familiar with the legal paperwork, renting formalities, tax laws as well as the property rules specific to your state. He will also help you formulate the lease agreement and inform about the fair housing laws to be followed while renting a property.

Conduct tenant screening

Another important step involved in the renting process is choosing the right tenant. The tenant you select should be responsible enough to pay the monthly rent and take care of your property. Given below are some of the aspects you should include in your tenant screening process:

  • Ask for his recent may stubs to ascertain that he will be able to pay the monthly rent conveniently.
  • Conduct a background check and verify the criminal record of the potential tenant.
  • In case the tenant wishes to move-in immediately, try asking the reason behind the urgency.
  • Talk to the tenant’s previous landlord to get an idea about his rent paying habits.
  • Ask about the tenant’s employer. This can help you get a fair idea about his financial stability
  • Know if he can pay the security deposit and the first month’s rent upfront

Taking care of these factors can help you shortlist the most suitable tenant for your rental home.

Set a realistic rent

It is very important for landlords to keep up with the current market prices in Killeen. A well-informed tenant will shortlist a number of properties before finalizing any one. Thus, setting a higher rent as compared to other similar properties in your area can make you lose a valuable tenant. Hence, it is advised to set a competitive price for your rental property.

Hire a property manager

A property manager can add value to your rental home. There a number of things that a property manager can rightly do to reduce the vacancy rate:

  • He can create background checks on the prospective tenants
  • Shortlist the best tenants and schedule visits
  • Prepare the property and maintain it when unoccupied
  • Collect monthly rents and take care of repair issues, if any
  • Advertize your property

Renting your home to the right tenant is important to get consistent returns on your investment property. Keeping the above mentioned factors in mind can prove to be very useful in reducing the vacancy rate and choosing a tenant that pays rent on time.