Maintenance Checklist For A Killeen Rental Home

Over a period of time, your rental home in Killeen is bound to suffer wear and tear. It is important to regularly perform maintenance checks to ensure that your rental home remains in an optimal condition and you do not have to bear hefty repair expenses later on.

Maintaining a rental home goes much beyond normal cleaning as you have to ensure that everything in the house is well-kept. You can utilize the time between tenants to carry out the repair tasks in your rental home.
Given below is a maintenance checklist for your Killeen rental home:

  • Walls and doors: Check all the walls and doors to look out for any visible signs of dampness. The paint should not be peeling off the walls. Get a fresh coat of paint on the walls if it has worn out. Check if all the door knobs and hinges are functioning properly. Also, if the hinges require oiling, do it as early as possible.
  • Electrical points and light fixtures: All the electrical sockets and switches must be functioning in proper order. Change any broken or burnt out light fixtures immediately. You can also get all the power points checked by an expert in order to ensure they do not cause any potential danger.
  • Carpets and flooring: Carpets tend to accumulate dust and other dirt particles after some years. You need to call a carpet cleaning company to get them cleaned thoroughly. Check for any stains, signs of wear and tear or mold growth. You can also replace your carpet to give your home a fresh look. If you have tile flooring, make sure it does not have any stains or cracks.
  • Windows and curtains: The windows should be operable and there should not be any noise while opening or closing. Meticulously clean the windows to remove all the dust and dirt. The blinds and curtains also need to be washed or vacuumed to ensure a gleaming look. Look for signs of damage and change them to make your home more presentable to the potential tenants.
  • Kitchen: Inspect and repair any leaky faucets, blocked drains and other plumbing issues. Apart from this, check the functioning of appliances such as refrigerator, washer, oven etc. to ensure they do not pose any safety risk to the tenants. Make sure that the microwave and dishwasher is cleaned properly before the potential tenants arrive.
  • Bathroom: Mold or mildew in the bathroom can wreak havoc and need to be treated as soon as possible. The drains should be clear and devoid of any blockages. Any damage to the taps or bathtub should be dealt with and a high level of cleanliness must be maintained.
  • Outdoors: Look for holes and leakages in the roof apart from any loose bricks or tiles. All the fences and walls also need to be checked for safety.

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Factors To Consider When Renting To Families With Kids

Renting your home to families with kids comes with its own set of responsibilities and benefits. A family will be financially more stable and dependable. There is also a higher probability that they will stay for a longer period of time. In order to make your property suitable to be rented by a family with kids, you need to work on a lot of aspects. Listed below are some of the factors that you may consider:

  • Adding kid-friendly features: You can add kid-friendly features in your home such as an additional room that can be used as a play area or study space. If you have a lawn, you can consider installing a swing set. Understanding the type of damage that the kids can cause to the property, many parents look for rental homes that are well-equipped to minimize such occurrences. For instance you can consider installing tile flooring instead of carpets and use easy-to-clean paints.
  • Increasing the storage space: Storing the kids’ toys, game consoles, books, clothes take up a lot of space in the home. Therefore, make sure you provide them with sufficient storage area so that they are able to keep everything organized. For this, you can consider using multipurpose furniture, such as a bed or sofa with storage space underneath. Ottomans and benches with shelves or drawers are also a good option.
  • Ensuring high security and safety: With kids at home, there is always a danger of an accident or injury. So, it is all the more important that you have all the security and safety features well in place. Make sure all the electrical fixtures are working properly and there are no open wires or sockets. Also, there should be adequate lighting in the outdoor area and smoke detectors as well as fire alarms should also be installed. Stairs and swimming pool should be properly gated to avoid any sort of physical harm
  • Highlighting neighborhood amenities: If you are planning to rent your home to a family with kids, make sure your property is located in a safe neighborhood. Highlight this aspect in your property listing along with the amenities available nearby, such as playgrounds, proximity to schools, entertainment centers etc.

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How Landlords In Killeen Can Keep Long Term Tenants

Every landlord wants to have tenants who can be retained for a longer period of time. A vacant property in Killeen will add up to your maintenance costs and also impact your finances negatively. Finding quality tenants is essential to make the most out of your investment property. Although it takes a bit of effort to make them stay back, you can employ simple measures to improve the landlord-tenant relationship.

Given below are some tips that can help landlords keep long term tenants:

  • Create an elaborate lease: You should make an elaborate and clear lease agreement that has all the clauses mentioned in a systematic manner. Make sure your tenants understand all the terms and conditions specified in the lease. Discuss these points with your tenants to ensure that no problem arises in the future. Encourage them to ask and clarify any doubts that they may have.
  • Maintain your property well: It is imperative to properly maintain your property and get all the repair work done on time. Get the house re-painted when necessary and carry out renovations to make your property look attractive always. Paying attention to their maintenance requests will make sure that they are staying comfortably in the rental home.
  • Make yourself easily accessible: The tenants should be able to reach out to you easily whenever they want to communicate anything regarding the property. You need to make yourself approachable and maintain regular contact with the tenants. This prevents small issues from flaring up and becoming difficult to be resolved later on.
  • Offer exciting incentives from time to time: Tenants love incentives and this can be a great reason for them to stay back in your property. For instance, you can offer discount if your tenant pays a couple of months’ rent in advance. You can even provide minor concessions on utility charges from time to time while making sure that you are not losing out financially.
  • Be flexible: If your tenant is consistent with his rent payments and behaves courteously, it is not a wise idea to be harsh in case of one late payment. If a tenant is responsible and financially sound, you must be considerate towards the reason behind the delay in rent payment. You should be more flexible as this will make the tenant appreciate you more.

If you are looking for quality tenants for your rental home in Killeen, TX, consider Hunter Rentals & Property Management. We will conduct a thorough screening of the applicants to make sure you let your property to the right people. For more information, you can call us at (254) 634 – 3311.