Killeen Rental Apartments - What To Ask Before Signing The Lease

When you have selected an apartment for rent in Killeen, TX and proceeding towards closing the deal with a lease agreement, make sure you have clarified all your doubts with the landlord. It is important to understand your rights and responsibilities for a smooth renting experience. Following are some questions you must ask the landlord or property manager before renting an apartment in Killeen:

What is the mode of rent payment?
Ask about the modes through which you can pay the monthly rent. Does he prefer a check or an electronic transfer? Set a date by which this payment needs to be made every month.

What are the emergency contact numbers?
You must know whom to contact if anything needs to be repaired in the apartment. Landlord may appoint a property manager to take care of all the maintenance and repair issues. Make sure his phone number, office address and other contact details are mentioned in the agreement.

Who is responsible for maintenance?

Once you have inspected the apartment and ascertained that everything is in proper condition, do ask about the maintenance liabilities of the property. In case there is any repair work required, inquire if you could get it done and claim the money or the landlord should be informed to fix it.

Which utilities can be used?
If you are renting a furnished apartment, make sure you ask which items you can or cannot use. You should also confirm if you can make any alterations in the house like installing extra shelves in the cabinets or a hand rail for the staircase.

What is the late rent policy?
Landlords usually do give a grace period for late rents but you must be aware of it in advance to avoid paying additional fine. This date must be agreed upon by both parties.

Is there a pet policy?
If you are a pet owner, you must get the relevant clause included in the lease agreement to avoid any confusions. If there are any terms and conditions included in the policy, you must read them carefully and ensure they suit you as well as your pet.

What are the rules for breaching the lease?
In case you wish to move out before the lease period, you must be aware of the policy. Instead of agreeing on it verbally, get the clause included in the agreement. The landlord may ask you to forfeit the security deposit. You must check if there are any other conditions related to it.

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Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Killeen Rental Home

A rental home is a great source of income for every landlord. However, proper care needs to be taken so that the value of the property does not depreciate over the years. It is imperative to make crucial renovations and carry out the requisite repair work from time to time to add value to your Killeen rental home.

Below is a list of some useful tips that can help in increasing the value of your rental home:

  • Pay attention to the exteriors: Pay special attention to the exterior of your home. Enhance the look of your garden or landscape by adding seasonal plants. Clean all the dead foliage, mow the grass and make sure all the outdoor lights are working in a proper order. A new mailbox may also be installed if required.
  • Windows and doors: Optimally working doors and windows not only reduce the noise in the home but also add to the aesthetic element. They also reduce the utility bills by keeping the home cooler in summers and warm during the cold winter months. Make sure you repair any cracks in the windows as well as change the door handles and locks. You can even repaint the doors and windows to give them a fresh look.
  • Kitchen: Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home and you must pay special attention to its features. All the appliances in the kitchen should be working in proper order and comply with the safety standards. Change or repair the flooring, countertops, sinks, lighting and water fixtures in case of any damage.
  • Bathroom: Renovate the flooring, faucets, sinks, bathtub and shower to transform the look of your bathroom. Depending on your requirements, update the bathrooms to impress the prospective tenants and increase the value of your property.
  • Paint: A fresh coat of paint can add to the overall appearance of your rental home. Therefore, consider painting not only the exteriors of your rental home but the interior walls as well. All the doors and windows should also be painted well so as to give a rich feel to the home.

Emphasizing the positive aspects of your rental home in Killeen can attract a lot of potential tenants. Compare the nearby properties to know the amenities you can include to make your home stand out from the rest.

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Killeen Rental Apartment: Moving-In Checklist

When moving in to a rental apartment in Killeen, TX, there are a lot of factors which you must check in order to avoid any confusions later on. Referring to the checklist given below, one must verify all the necessary items and get all parties to sign it before the tenant actually movies in.

Outside the apartment

  • Are all lights and switches operating properly?
  • Is the garden well kept?
  • Are porches safe?
  • Do the stairs have proper handrails?


  • Check the closets for mold growth?
  • Are the doors of the closets opening and shutting with ease?
  • If there are drawers and shelves, check if anything is broken or chipped?
  • Is there an odor which needs attention?


  • Are all taps running fine?
  • Check if all the electrical switches and appliances are in working condition
  • Flush the toilet and see if something is leaking or dripping
  • Are all tiles (on the walls and floor) in proper condition?
  • Check the functioning of the shower. See how to operate the hot/cold faucets.


  • Do all the knobs or buttons on the stove work fine?
  • Is there a window or chimney that allows ventilation in this area?
  • Check all cabinets and shelves for their condition
  • Is there an odor or gas smell which needs attention?
  • What are the timings of using water?


  • Check if all doors and windows open and shut properly
  • If there is any furniture, check if it has any termite infestation.
  • Do all the locks on the windows and doors work fine?
  • Check the carpets as well as curtains for any damage


  • Does the heating system around the house work well?
  • If there is a basement, check if it has some seepage issues? What are the protocols to maintain it?
  • Are there any insects or rodents around the house? Their droppings can be spotted inside closed drawers and cabinets.
  • What is the condition of the lawn? How frequently does it need to be watered and trimmed?
  • Check if the security systems in the house are working properly?

By law, every tenant is entitled to a safe and clean apartment, responsibility of which lies on the home owner. The above check list will ensure that the owner repairs anything that may not be in good condition before you move in. Killeen area has many professional real estate agents who can assist you simplifying this process.

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