Tips To Find A Pet Friendly Rental Home In Killeen

If you own a pet, you may be looking for a suitable home where your pet can stay safe and happy. There are many rental homes in Killeen, TX that allow pets to live comfortably. A lot of people are willing to rent out their homes out after ensuring that a few safety measures have been taken care of.

Following are some tips to find a pet friendly rental home:

  • Be patient: It is wise not to hasten the process of finding the right home. A thorough research is important to make sure that you choosing the right place for your pet. Start the process at least two months in advance so you have enough time for research and property visits.
  • Be prepared for higher rental:  Landlords usually seek a higher deposit and monthly rental if you are moving in with a pet. If you conform to pay the non-refundable pet payment, it gives an assurance to the landlord that you will keep the property well-maintained.
  • Never hide about your pet: Always be upfront about owning a pet as hiding any details from the landlord may lead to legal consequences. Let him know about the type of pet you have, its breed, vaccinations, physical attributes etc. so the landlord can decide if he wants to rent the property.
  • Be flexible: Be a little flexible about the location and kind of property you are looking for. If you restrict yourself to a specific criterion, you may not find a good deal.
  • Offer compensation: Assure the landlord that any damage caused by the pet to rental home will be duly and promptly compensated. This will definitely get you more options as the landlord will not have to worry about the maintenance expenses.
  • Include details in the contract: Once the landlord has agreed to rent you the home along with your pet, make sure you sign a written contract. All agreements regarding payments, security deposit, maintenance responsibilities etc. must be included in the contract to avoid any sort of disputes at a later stage.

If you are looking for a pet friendly rental home in Killeen, TX, contact Hunter Rentals & Property Management. Our extensive listing can help you find a home that will perfectly fir your requirements. For details, you can call us at (254) 634 – 3311.

Marketing Your Killeen Rental Property

Effectively marketing a rental property is crucial for landlords to attract suitable tenants. Considerable efforts are required to appropriately advertize the property and increase its demand in the rental market.

Below are some tips that can help in marketing your rental property in Killeen, TX:

  • Use internet: Nowadays, internet plays a major role in helping you reach out to a wide audience with just a click of the mouse. List your property on credible real estate websites. You can post the details about your rental home so that the potential tenants can compare it with the other homes listed for rent.
  • Use professional photos: A picture is worth a thousand words. This is exactly the reason why you need to upload professionally clicked pictures of your home on the property listing websites. Investing in good quality pictures will help you attract more tenants. Appealing pictures also have a higher probability of being shared on the social media, thereby reaching a large tenant base.
  • Realize the impact of social media: Various social media platforms can be utilized to advertize your rental property. Creative and visually striking advertizements can be posted on certain popular social media websites. You can even ask your friends to share the details of your property on their profiles. This will make your property popular amongst the intended audience.
  • Use traditional media: Newspaper advertizements and yard signs are still one of the most effective forms of property marketing. Placing a suitable ad in the local newspaper can help to let people know that your home is available for rent. On the other hand, yard signs work perfectly for attracting potential tenants in a specific area. Ensure that you put a signage at all the major points to let the prospective tenants know where the property is actually situated.
  • Get referrals: Getting referrals from tenants, friends and other landlords can prove to be a good marketing strategy for your rental property in Killeen, TX. Your friends can recommend your rental home wherever possible. You can also take the help of a real estate company to advertize the property, search suitable tenants and handle the paperwork.

We, at Hunter Rentals & Property Management, can assist you in renting your home in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call at (254) 634 – 3311.

Finding The Perfect Furnished Apartment In Killeen

If you are in the market looking for a furnished apartment, Killeen, TX has so much to offer. There are apartments of varied sizes and price ranges that you may choose from. Keeping a budget in mind will help as you may get swayed by the many choices available. Also keep a list of things that you need in a furnished apartment. This will help you decide faster.

Here are some tips to make your search easy:

  • Look for online ads: The best way to find a furnished apartment is to search for online listings portals. Scan through the details regarding the homes, see pictures and talk to the agent to find out more.
  • Have walk in inspection: Once you have seen the pictures online and shortlisted some of the apartments, insist on a showing. Request the real estate agent to arrange a visit to the apartments so you can inspect them and finalize the one that meets all your requirements. 
  • Stick to your budget: If an apartment is offering more than what you actually need, it is better to stick to your budget as more things mean more maintenance and you may end up spending even more later on. Stick to your pre-decided budget as it will help keep your finances in control.
  • Referrals: Word of mouth is also a good way to find a place that suits your needs. Spread the word in your office, local community places that you are looking for a place on rent and go by what people recommend. When locals suggest a place, their knowledge is qualified as they are aware of who the owners are and other important details.
  • Take professional help: There are many agents in Killeen who are equipped to help you out in your search. They also take care of all the operational paper work to make your life easier. Rely on them because they are updated with vacant places on daily basis.

Gather all information about the home, its belongings and the owners before you sign the dotted line. Read through the contract and take care of all the legal formalities to have a good time in your new rented home. Also do not rush into any dealings and take your time exploring all options as Killeen offers something that suits every pocket and taste.

We, at Hunter Rentals & Property Management, offer various furnished apartments in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 634 – 3311 or visit 1503 W Stan Schlueter Lp, Killeen TX 76549.