Quick Apartment Fixes You Can Do Yourself

Maintenance and upkeep of an apartment requires a lot of effort. Although landlords are responsible for majority of repair work, there are some quick apartment fixes that can be done by the tenants themselves. Some of these have been listed below:

  • Noisy door hinges: Get a good quality lubricant and spray on the hinges. Move the door back and forth multiple times so that the lubricant gets absorbed completely. You can also apply petroleum jelly on the hinges.
  • Squeaky floor: Interspersing talcum powder on the squeaky area of the floor and then sweeping it into the cracks can work well. Although this is a temporary solution, it can be utilized if your landlord is planning to redo the flooring sometime later.
  • Wallpaper peeling off: Apply a generous coating of wallpaper paste onto a piece of paper and smother it against the underside of the peeling area. Firmly press the wallpaper and take out the paper.
  • Chandelier or light fixtures covered in dust: After the lighting fixtures cool down, use a white cotton glove soaked in a glass cleaning solution. Clean all the dirty crystals with the wet glove and afterwards use a dry one to make them look spotless.
  • Banging noise coming from door: A slamming door can be easily repaired by fixing multiple pieces of peel-and-stick foam weather strips around the doorstop. A wide rubber band can also be wrapped around the door knobs on both the sides by completely extending it across the door edge.
  • Flat cushions: Put the flattened down cushions outside in the sun for a few hours while interchanging their sides midway. Any excess moisture will be absorbed by the sun and the cushions will rise up again.
  • Stuck windows: If the sliding windows in your apartment seem to stick while opening or closing, you can use a lubricant silicone spray to grease the skids. Spray the lubricant on a cloth and wipe it along the window tracks to make them slide smoothly.
  • Clogged kitchen sink: Pour half cup of baking soda flowed by equal amount of white vinegar into the kitchen drain. Top it off with hot water to complete the procedure. Repeat the process for a few times till the drain is completely unclogged.

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Apartment-Hunting Tips For A Smarter Move

Moving to a new city can be exciting but finding the perfect apartment does require some homework. There are many things to look for before finalizing a particular apartment for rent. For instance, you need to make sure the apartment is located near your workplace, a good neighborhood, has all basic amenities and most importantly the landlord is co-operative.

Below is a list of some useful apartment-hunting tips:

  • Visit the actual apartment: Even if you have carefully seen the online listing, it is important to personally visit the apartment that you are going to rent. In case the rental apartment is currently occupied, ask the landlord to show a recently vacated unit that has the same floor plan. Make sure you inform your prospective landlord about anything that you don’t like in the apartment.
  • Experience the locality on your own: Visit the neighborhood and get a first-hand experience at the local supermarkets, playgrounds or gyms to know more about the locality. Move around the locality and talk to your neighbors regarding security arrangements in the area. Locals can also give you helpful advice on the traffic patterns in the locality.
  • Get information about the utilities: It is important to have complete information regarding the utilities that you will be paying for. Discuss all the queries related to utility bills with your landlord before signing the lease document.
  • Stay within your budget: When looking for a rental apartment, always be realistic and avoid overspending. If you are planning to move into a posh neighborhood, remember everything will be costly right from clothing to food and other expenses. Carefully look at your disposable income before setting eye on a particular apartment.
  • Bring the important supplies in long-distance relocation: When looking for an apartment far away from your current city, go prepared because you want to gather all the information in one go. Take notes or jot down any important apartment-hunting tips that you might gather from the neighborhood.

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Tips For Hassle-Free Apartment Renting In Killeen, TX

Renting an apartment comes with a lot of responsibilities, hence, a systematic approach needs to be followed to avoid any hassles. It is important to conduct all the safety checks before actually renting out your property. Below are some tips that can prove to be useful for hassle-free apartment renting:

  • Everything should be in written: The lease should include all the personal information of the tenant, rent payment policies, pet policies as well as other terms and conditions that you want your tenants to follow. Anything not clearly stated in the agreement cannot be later enforced upon the tenant.
  • Screen the potential tenants: Conduct a thorough background check of the applicants for your rental home. Get references from employers and ask for salary slips of the past few months to make sure that he can pay the rent on time every month. If possible, get in touch with former landlords to know more about the potential tenants.
  • Get the correct insurance policy: Getting an appropriate insurance policy for your apartment can help to handle financial losses in case of any unforeseen damage to its physical structure. Apart from this, you can also ask your tenants to buy a renters insurance policy for their own safety.
  • Conduct thorough safety checks: Taking care of all the safety measures in your apartment is crucial to avoid any mishappening in the future. Conduct a complete inspection of the apartment. Fix any corroded wires, faulty appliances or worn out furniture before letting out the property. Additionally, your property needs to adhere to all the local safety and health codes.
  • Make your property accessible for the disabled: Whether or not you have a disabled tenant, it is a good option to make your property easily accessible for them. Make an effort to include features such as ramps, low shelves kitchen cabinets, stair-lifts, wider doorways etc.
  • Always be available for your tenants: Always be available to listen to the complaints of your tenants. If you reside in some other city or it is not possible for you to be accessible all the time, you may consider hiring a property manager. Also, make sure your property is up-to-date and all the maintenance issues are dealt with on time.

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