Tips To Screen Potential Tenants For Your Killeen Rental Home

Finding the right tenants for your rental property is essential to avoid any kind of issues. To ensure you get the best tenants, you must follow an effective screening process. Perform all the background and security checks to guarantee that you are renting your home to the right people.

Here are some tips to screen the potential tenants for your rental home in Killeen, TX:

  • Get the rental application form filled out: The most important step is to ask your prospective tenant to fill out the rental application. This will provide you with first-hand information required to make the decision of renting your property to a specific tenant.
  • Get identity proof: Ask for a valid photo identification proof from your potential tenant and make a photocopy of the same to attach to the rental application. Also, include a section for mentioning the driver’s license number in the application.
  • Adhere to FHA (Fair Housing Act): Following the FHA code of conduct will ensure that you do not discriminate against any prospective tenant while renting out your home. It is imperative not to deny rental property to someone based on race, color or religion. Not adhering to FHA can land you in trouble as prospective tenants can file claims of discrimination.
  • Conduct a background check: Confirming a prospective tenant’s background ensures no problems arise in the future. You need to check if he has a history of paying late rent or skipping it altogether. You will also know if he has a record of causing damage to the rental property. Apart from this, you should also perform a credit check. In order to verify the credit history, you may require the Social Security number (SSN) and written permission from the applicant.
  • Meet your prospective tenant personally: It is crucial not to solely rely on digital communication and phone calls but rather meet the potential tenant in person. This will help you in having a better understanding of their personalities and make the landlord-tenant relationship stronger.
  • Ask for references: You should ask the tenant to provide at least two references. Some tenants may give fake references and therefore it is important to follow-up in order to avoid any hassles later on.
  • Get in touch with the previous landlord: It is a good idea to get in touch with the previous landlord to seek accurate information about the tenant. Some landlords do not report tenant issues to the authorities and therefore it is important to have a face-to-face conversation with them to know their opinion about a potential tenant.

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Things To Know Before You Rent A Home In Killeen

A rental home should not only fit into your budget but also fulfill your lifestyle requirements. Always look for a place that is appropriate for your family and close to your workplace. Before finalizing a rental home, make a list of all the queries you might have. Some of these have been discussed below:

  • Research the area: Amenities such as school, hospital, supermarket etc. should be nearby. The rental home should not be too far from your workplace. It is also crucial to check the locality to make sure there are proper security arrangements.
  • Security Deposits: Although most of the landlords ask for one month advance rent, it can be more in certain cases. The amount of deposit you need to pay in advance depends entirely on the will of your potential landlord. Some landlords do not ask for any deposit at all. Therefore, it is important to confirm it beforehand.
  • Pet policy: You should inform your potential landlord about your pets early on. Inquire about any specific pet policy that may be included in the lease agreement. Also, if you plan to keep a pet, ask him if there are any restrictions in terms of type and size of the pet.
  • Report any defects beforehand: Carefully inspect the rental property and inspect all the appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, oven etc. If all these items are included in your rental agreement, check them thoroughly before signing the lease. Visual inspection is important to confirm if everything is working in a proper order. If you find anything unsatisfactory, report it to the landlord immediately.
  • Confirm the status of maintenance requests: Before renting the house, talk to your potential landlord about the maintenance services that he will provide. You should know whom to contact in case you have issues regarding plumbing, pest control or appliances that are out of order. Ask the landlord about the approximate time within which maintenance requests are typically handled.
  • Parking: Be clear if parking is included in your rental cost or you need to pay for it. Find out if there is a parking lot located close to your rental home that is safe as well. Also confirm from the landlord regarding parking space for guests who visit your home.

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Finding Your First Apartment In Killeen, TX

Finding your first rental apartment in Killeen, TX can be a daunting task as you need to keep a lot of factors in mind. It is always recommended not to rush into things and before finalizing a rental apartment, prioritize and consider certain crucial aspects such as your lifestyle, budget, preferences etc. Below are some useful tips for finding a suitable apartment in Killeen:

  • Know your budget: It is important to know about the rent costs prevailing in the area where you are planning to rent an apartment. You need to determine a specific budget where you can easily pay your installments and other monthly expenses even after taking out the rent. If you have a new job, focus on your in-hand salary and decide the viable rent.
  • Confirm safety features in the apartment: Always look for an apartment that adheres to all the health and safety codes. Some of these are: proper ventilation, fire alarms, insulated walls etc. You might not realize the importance of certain hazards associated with improper safety features till you actually start living in an apartment. So, it is better to take a closer look beforehand.
  • Conduct thorough inspection: Before signing the lease, check each and every corner of the apartment to identify any pre-existing problems. Inspect the kitchen sinks, electrical appliances, bathroom taps etc. Knowing about the problems beforehand can help you in requesting the landlord to fix them ahead of your move-in date.
  • Enquire about the utilities: While some landlords include apartment utilities in your monthly bill, others let them to be handled by the tenant himself. Therefore, you should precisely know what all utilities are included before signing a lease. It is imperative to gather the required information because utilities can cost you a significant amount of money.
  • Location is important: Being a working individual, you need to find a suitable apartment that is not too far away from your workplace. Consider the traffic and calculate the amount of time it will take to commute to your workplace daily. Long travelling hours can get stressful over a period of time so bear this in mind when renting an apartment.
  • Have clarity on pet regulations: All the lease documents clearly state the rules regarding pets. Read them carefully if you have any pets or intend to keep them in the future. Also, inquire if there are any specific rules regarding the type and size of pets allowed in the apartment.

We, at Hunter Rentals & Property Management, can help you find an affordable rental apartment in Killeen, TX. For more information, call at (254) 634 – 3311.