How To Find A Good Apartment In Killeen, TX

The best way to find a suitable apartment in Killeen, TX is by considering your lifestyle needs. For instance, you may need an apartment for pure relaxation purposes or you may want a place where you can live along with your family. You can start your search by defining your purpose for renting an apartment.

There will be a number of options available for you in Killeen, but you need to identify your priorities. Below is a list of things that can assist you in finding the best apartment.

  • Pen down your priorities: You should be clear as to what you expect from your new apartment. It is important to jot down your priorities on a piece of paper and refer to them whenever you go to see an apartment. You need to consider the rental price of the apartment, your social life, your kids, work life, transportation facilities available and the amount of space you require.
  • Consider rental prices: The time of the year when you are on an apartment hunt can impacts the rental price. For instance, many homes are available for rent in the summer season, the rental prices will be high considering the fact that many people are looking for an apartment during this time of the year. It will be a better option to look for an apartment during the winter season when lesser number of people are looking to move.
  • Organize everything: After deciding on the location and price best suitable for you, it is important to plan your schedule for apartment visits, take detailed notes when you find a new apartment and keep all the important documents ready. Make a file of all the important references and brochures as well.
  • Stand out from others: There are other people as well who are on the lookout for an apartment in Killeen. Give yourself an advantage over the rest by being well-prepared in advance with all your references and applications. You should also have the required finances at hand for the rent as well as the security deposit.
  • Ask for special discounts: Depending on the type of apartment you are looking for, there may be some special offers if you are eligible. There are some landlords who offer move-in discounts. For instance, you could get a rental discount of one month in case you sign a longer deal. It is always better to ask in advance regarding the special discounts or deals.

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Tips For Protecting Your Tenant Rights

Every state defines laws for the tenants and the rights they possess. When you are looking to rent a house or apartment in Killeen, you must make sure that you know all your rights as a tenant before you sign the lease agreement. These rights will help you understand how the rental agreements work, what are the liabilities of a landlord and other related aspects of tenancy.

Below are listed some of the tips that can help you protect your rights as a tenant:

  • Every communication should be documented: All your communication with the landlord must be put in a written agreement. You should always keep a copy of any sort of conversation you had with your landlord along with a proof of mailing. This communication could be regarding repairs, a commitment made by your landlord or any other thing associated with the rental property. Also, make sure you have a copy of all the documents that you sign.
  • Document the condition of rental property: Whether you are moving in or moving out of a Killeen rental property, thoroughly document its condition to avoid any legal hassle later on. Always take pictures of the property and mention the date on every photograph. It is a better idea to keep a newspaper of that day visible in the picture as a proof of the date. Sometimes the courts do not accept camera date stamps as they can be tampered easily.
  • Always keep receipts: Your landlord is bound by law to give you receipt for rent or any other payments if requested. Even the payments can be documented by sending a certified mail to your landlord. Instead of paying in cash, it is always better to pay the rent online or through cashier’s checks.
  • Landlords can only impose what is mentioned in lease: Your landlord cannot enforce any other rule on you except the ones that are mentioned in the lease agreement. He cannot change any terms and conditions of tenancy while you are still serving the lease term. The terms and conditions can only be changed by mutual consent of tenant as well as the landlord.
  • Don’t refuse to give rent in absence of repairs: You cannot hold back the rent if your landlord is not getting the requisite repair work done on time. Even in case of major repairs, withholding rent will only put you in a difficult situation. In worst cases, the tenants can be told to move out of the property as well.
  • Eviction cannot be done without court proceedings: No landlord can verbally evict you from his rental property. A step by step legal process needs to be followed and all notices have to be given in written.

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What Makes A Killeen Rental Home More Appealing?

Your rental home needs to be in the best of condition so as to attract more tenants. Regular maintenance is a must so that your property does not lose its aesthetic appeal. Before you put a ‘For Rent’ sign on your rental home, it is better to follow certain tips so that your property looks more appealing to the prospective tenants. Some of these are:

  • Thorough cleaning: The first thing you need to do is clean every nook and corner of your home. Untidy rooms or interior decoration items can really put off potential tenants. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure they are fresh and spotless. The tiles and work surface in the kitchen should be gleaming without any trace of dirt. In case your home has a staircase, it should be cleaned as well.
  • Appropriate lighting: Lighting is an important factor that can add immense value to a rental home. Open your curtains and windows for extra light during the day while in the evening you can have more subdued lighting. The kitchen and bathroom should also be airy and well-lit.
  • Repair any leakages: Paying attention to the smallest repairs can go a long way in making your home look inviting. For instance, you could have a leaking tap or a dripping faucet which requires immediate repairs. You can also replace your old bathroom accessories with new ones and give it a contemporary look. Also, make sure that the sewerage pipes and drains are functioning properly without any blockage.
  • Clean all the clutter: Do not have bulky pieces of furniture in your rental home. Instead, opt for contemporary and space-saving ideas. Discard the interior furniture items that are not required at all. Any unnecessary tools or packing boxes should be stored out of sight. You also need to make sure your home smells good. Get rid of any unwanted or damp smell by using air fresheners.
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint: If possible, get the interior and exterior of your home painted again for a sparkling look. This will invite more tenants to your rental property. Paint the walls in neutral shades for the best effect. As far as the flooring is concerned, keeping things simple is the key.
  • Garden and landscape: Maintain your garden or yard properly and ensure it looks visually appealing. Remove all the unwanted shrubs and weeds. Clean all the dead matter from the yard and trim the lawn. Pay attention to the pathways and driveways as they are the entrance to your home. You can line them with seasonal flowering plants for an added appeal.

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