Homes For Rent In Killeen, TX

Finding a rental property is a challenging task, which requires tenants to be cautious and understand the tenancy laws. If you are looking for a rental unit or home for rent, TX, then you must consider a number of things.
Access your requirements: Before you start looking for a rental home, make sure you understand your requirements. Determine the size of house that you need, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required in the house, etc. Other important considerations may include the community and the amenities available in the surrounding area, ease of access, noise level, etc.

  • Rent: You must research about the rent prices are for the area where you are considering renting a home. Some areas may be more expensive than others and you must decide the price range that you can afford. Also, consider the costs of commuting to and from work or school and costs of utilities. Your monthly rent should not be more than 30% of your monthly income.
  • Utility Costs: Be aware of the available utilities and ask the landlord about who pays for what. You should be clear about the costs that you will have to bear every month.
  • Focus on safety: While looking for a home to rent, make sure that the home is in a safe locality. It should be accessible and conveniently located. The neighborhood should be safe and well lit with a low crime rate. You should try to visit the place during daytime and on weekends to see the sort of activities that take place in the area.
  • Pets: If you have a pet you will need to check the landlord’s pet policies. Some landlords do not allow pets on their property and others require certain extra fees and deposits. However landlords can put restrictions on the type of pet, size and the number.
  • Parking: You should make sure that you get a proper parking place and if you need to park your car in the street, then know what special permits you need. Confirm the number of cars you can park or if you need to pay any extra money for additional cars.
  • Understand the lease agreement: Read the lease agreement carefully and in case you do not understand any part of it you can consider consulting an attorney. You should be clear about your responsibilities and liabilities. You must get everything in written, including who would be responsible for repairs.

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Easy Upgrades For Your Killeen Rental Home

As the rental business is very competitive it is important to regularly upgrade your rental property. In order to attract reliable and long-term tenants, it is important that your home looks appealing to them. However, most landlords do not have the budget and time to get it renovated every time a tenant vacates the house. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive uplifts that you can do to your rental home to give it a fresh look.

Given here are some easy upgrades that can help you attract more tenants to your rental home:

  • Concentrate On Curb Appeal: The outer appearance of your home is the deciding factor in whether people would even visit your property or not. If the property seems to be shabby and poorly maintained, it would discourage potential tenants from entering. Thus, make sure you wash the driveways, sidewalks and patio. Plant fresh flowers in the lawn and de-weed it and take care of any peeled off paint, wall cracks or floor stains.
  • Focus On Kitchen And Bathroom: Tenants are likely to carefully inspect the kitchen and the bathroom, as they are the most used in a house. Therefore, they should look updated and well organized. Thoroughly clean the kitchen counters and mop the floors. Replacing the cabinet doors can help you completely revamp the look of the kitchen. You must also replace the hardware fixtures in the bathroom if they appear to be scaly or rusty.
  • Repaint: This is probably the easiest home upgrade that gives great results with little investment. Painting gives a fresh look to the whole house and also removes any stains or cracks in the walls. While choosing the color you should avoid bold or bright ones, as everyone does not like these. Instead, choosing neutral shades like white, pastels or pale yellow will be more appealing to the potential tenants.
  • Replace Appliances: If you are providing electronic appliances in your rental home, make sure that they are equipped with the latest technology. If not, replace them with energy efficient appliances to make your kitchen look updated and fully functional.

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Tips To Rent A Duplex In Killeen

If you own a duplex that is vacant you should consider renting it out, as the rent will assist you in managing the property and be a source of extra income. However if you are a new landlord, it is crucial that you are knowledgeable about the basics of property management.

Here are some tips to help you rent a duplex in a profitable and hassle free way:

Find a reliable tenant

In order to rent out your duplex successfully, you should find a good tenant. For this, you need to advertise the property and spread the word that your duplex is available for renting out. You should ask all the potential tenants to fill out an application form. Once you get all the applications, screen the tenant’s background and look at their tenancy history. You can even call their previous landlords and check out their employment details to determine their rent payment capabilities. You can evaluate credit reports and conduct research through a credit-reporting agency.

Determine the appropriate rent

You should make sure you charge a competitive rent; otherwise, you will be repelling the right applicants. You should review similar duplexes and check what other owners are charging for similar properties.

Know your rights and have a written agreement

It is important that you understand the tenant and landlord laws of your state, as this will give you clarity on your rights and obligations. You should be aware of the details that need to be included in your lease agreement. If required, you can consult a lawyer to prepare the lease who will ensure that it complies with the rental, fair housing, and tenant and insurance laws. The lease agreement should mention lease term, security deposits, pet policies, and rental due dates. It should also clearly state routine upkeep and maintenance responsibilities.

Get your duplex insured

It is crucial that you get an insurance policy for your duplex. The insurance policy required when renting a house is different than the homeowner’s policy. The policy should cover house’s structure, medical expenses, legal costs and loss of rental income. You should also ensure your tenant gets renters insurance.

Hire a property management firm

You can consider hiring a property management firm that will not only look for a reliable tenant for you but also ensure that your duplex is well maintained. They inspect the duplex regularly and ensure every repair work is handled on time. The staff manages everything from collecting rent to handling eviction. However you should make sure that you hire a licensed professional to take care of your property.

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