Features Tenants Look For In A Rental Property

Each one of us has our own preferences, no matter we are purchasing clothing, cars or anything else. The same goes while searching for a property to rent. Tenants want to make sure that the place they are leasing suitably fulfills their needs and requirements. Whether you stay in a rented house or your own, home should be a reflection of the desires, lifestyle and personality of the people living in it.

Although each prospective tenant has his own set of criteria while searching a rental property, some of the common features they look for are given below.

  • Location: This is the first and foremost thing that tenants consider before staring their property search. A property in a good location with easy access to schools, colleges, shopping malls, playgrounds and other utilities are preferred by most tenants. They are much likely to pay a good rent and compromise on certain other priorities if the home is in a desirable locality.  
  • Space: During his first visit inside the rental property, tenants mainly looks at its size and space. The home that appears neat, open and having enough room to breathe is often liked by the tenants. Also, properties with an open floor plan are desired by most people.
  • Parking Area: For tenants with cars, parking is an extremely important feature in a rental property. Having a designated parking slot in the garage or driveway is a feature much liked by the tenants. If the parking area is too far from the property, it could probably drive away their interest.
  • Storage Space: Tenants do not want to stay in homes where they need to spend additionally on creating storage space. Landlords should make sure that their rental property has enough closets and armoires to store extra stuff. If not, there should be a provision for a basement, storage shed, garage or any other storage space that the tenant can use.
  • Outdoor Space: Many people like to have a patio or courtyard to enjoy their weekend afternoons. Even if it is not a private balcony, having some sort of outdoor area can help attract more tenants to a property, particularly in urban areas.

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Finding A Good Rental Apartment In Killeen, TX

It is a difficult and challenging task to find the perfect apartment to rent as the process requires time and efforts. It is often a daunting task to sift through a dozens of apartments searching for the one that suits your requirements and budget.

Here are some tips that will help you find the most suitable apartment for renting.

Identify Your Needs

Whether you want to rent an apartment near your office or in the proximity of your kids’ school, it is essential that you set your priorities. You should set a budget, as this will help you narrow down your search to apartments that you can afford. Identifying your needs prior to beginning your search will help you fasten the process. Having a clear idea on the type of neighborhood you desire and the facilities you seek in the community also assist in the search. It is also important to decide the number of rooms you want and the amenities you seek in the apartment prior to visiting properties.

Check Your Credit Score

You also need to check your credit score and ensure that there are no discrepancies. Landlords often refer to your credit history to determine if you are a potential candidate. Having a good tenancy history can help you get an apartment easily and quickly.

Be Prepared

When you rent an apartment, you are required to fill out applications, complete paperwork, pluck down a deposit and sign a lease. You should have all the required information and be honest with the information that you provide.

Check Out The Hidden Costs

Besides the rental amount, many hidden costs and factors must be considered. You should ask the landlord about the facilities and utilities included in the rent. Also be sure of any extra charges or fee that you will have to pay for bills or using community amenities and parking etc. This will ensure that you take a well-informed decision.

Be Observant

When you visit the apartment for staging, make sure you are attentive and notice small details. Any odd smell, noises, poor wiring or presence of mold can become a big issue at a later stage. You should ensure that the apartment has sufficient natural light and ventilation. It is also advised to attend a daytime open house rather than visiting the property in the evening.

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Tips For Collecting Rent On Time: Killeen Rentals

Effectively managing a rental property without the help of a professional property manager can be a difficult task. It requires the owner to investment a lot of his time and efforts. One of the most important responsibilities that you, as the property owner, will have to handle is collecting rent from the tenants. Although most tenants pay their rent on time, there may be some how may delay it or not pay the rent at all.

Given here are some useful tips that will help you in collecting the rent on time:

  • Be clear and straightforward: Make sure that you clearly state the rent amount and the due date in the lease agreement. If you are allowing any grace period, let the tenant know about it. The contract should also include any late fees or penalties that will be charged if the rent is paid after the grace period. The mode of making payments should also be mentioned. Discuss everything with your tenant beforehand to make sure that he understands and approve of all terms and conditions.
  • Payment Options: If possible, offer multiple options for your tenant to make rent payments. If you want them to give check payments through mail, there is a higher chance that you will get it late. Allow them to pay online, using credit or debit cards and internet banking. You can also ask them to handover the check personally to you or to get it automatically deducted every month from their bank account. With multiple options, the tenants can easily pick the one that suits them and pay the rent conveniently.
  • Enforce late fees: If you have imposed certain late fee after the grace period, you must collect it when the tenant pays the rent late.  If you let it go for the first time, the tenant will assume that he can easily pay rent whenever he wants without any penalties.
  • Embrace technology: Hiring professional property managers can increase your chances of getting the rent on time. They have advanced software that allows the tenants to pay the rent online anytime and from anywhere. The property management company will also provide you a detailed financial statement at the end of every month.

Collecting rent on time is essential to promote a healthy tenant-landlord relationship. For more information, contact Hunter Rental & Property Management at (254) 634-3311. You can also visit our office at 1503 W Stan Schlueter Lp, Killeen TX 76549.