Tips For Pet Owners Looking For Rental Homes

One in every five families own a pet in the US and usually find it difficult to get rental homes which allow pets. A very few landlords make their rental properties pet friendly and this makes it challenging to find a rental home of your choice. Here are some tips that will make it easy for you to search for an appropriate rental home for you and your pet.

  • Take time: You may not get a pet friendly rental home at the last moment, so make sure that you devote some time to search for it. You should have at least two months before you decide to move out of your present house.
  • Be prepared to pay a higher deposit and pet payment: Often people do not want to rent out their properties to pet owners, as they are concerned about their investment. Pets damage their home and furniture, dirty the carpets and destroy the lawn.  Landlords usually seek a higher deposit for tenants with pets. By paying a non-refundable pet payment, you can assure the landlord that you will pay for professional clean up and repair any damages, if required.
  • Never hide about your pet: It is advised that you declare about your pet in advance and never hide the fact from the landlord. You should always be honest as sneaking in your pet in violation to the landlord policy may have bad consequences.
  • Don’t be stern about your rental home choice: You should remain flexible while searching for the rental home. Being flexible in terms of location and property type, helps you find a better home.
  • Get everything in writing: If the landlord approves of your moving in with your pet, then it is crucial that you get the ‘no pet’ clause removed from the tenancy agreement and get the details of your pet added to the agreement. You should request a copy of the house rules regarding the pets and assure the landlord that you will abide by the rules.
  • Ask for a trial period: To convince your property manager or landlord, ask them if they are open for a trial period of a few months. They can check out the behavior of your pet during the trial period and adjust the agreement.

These tips will surely help you find an appropriate pet friendly rental home.

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Things To Consider When Renting An Apartment In Killeen, TX

Renting an apartment is an economical option but it is a challenging task. A good tenancy depends on the rapport with the landlord, location of the house, quality of the house and the neighbors. Thus before finalizing an apartment to rent, one must carefully consider a few important points.
Here is some guidelines for tenants who are looking to rent an apartment in Killeen, TX.

Negotiate the rent

One of the mistakes that tenants commit often is not negotiating the rent. Although, it may not always be possible to decrease the official rent price, however the tenant can try to reduce the rent in other ways. You can ask the landlord to waive off pet rent or provide you with an extra parking spot. Extending the length of the lease is also a great way to make some get some discount on the rent.

Know the landlord

Potential tenants should always try to have some background information about the landlord. You can speak to current tenants or the neighbors to know about their experience with the landlord. You can also some questions to the residents to know about the landlord’s attitude towards maintenance requests and other common issues. Knowning  beforehand about the landlord’s attitude will help you decide if you should rent the appartment or not.

Read the lease carefully

When renting an appartment you should make sure that all verbal promises of the landlord are included in the lease. Verbal assurances can be left unfulfilled which can lead to troubles at a later stage. You should read the lease terms carefully and ask for amendments if you are unhappy with any clause or term. You must ensure that you can adhere to all the terms before signing it. Even after signing the lease, make sure you keep a copy of all correspondence in writing so that you can refer back to it, if needed.

Document the details of apartment

Often landlords keep a record of everything in the apartment. They take photos of the apartment before and after the tenant moves in. As a tenant, you should also document the details of the apartment and emphasis on issues such as any breakages and damages. You must ask your landlord to resolve any issues in the apartment before you sign the agreement.

Be knowledgable about your rights

You should make sure that you are aware of the local tenant-landlord laws. This will help you avoid common mistakes that may require you to get legal advice.
Following the above-mentioned points can help you get an apartment on rent without any hassles and build up an honest business relationship.

Tips For Successfully Renting Out Your Home In Killeen, TX

Putting up your home for rent is a great way to enhance your income. A number of people in Killeen, TX rent out their home or a unit to get an extra income every month. However, it is very important that you find the right renter to minimize any troubles and successfully rent out your home.

Here are some tips that will help you in renting out your home without any hassles:

Review your insurance plan:

When you plan to rent out your home, the first thing that you need to ensure is that you have landlord insurance policy instead of homeowners insurance. The landlord insurance policy offers protection to your property and covers you if you lose your rental income. As landlord insurance does not cover tenants’ possessions, you need to inform your tenants about getting a renters insurance.

Screen the tenants:

To avoid eviction and other tenant issues, it is crucial that you screen the tenant properly. This may be tricky; however, with little patience and caution, you can get reliable tenants. In order to  find a good tenant, you should verify the employment of the prospective tenant, screen tenancy history, secure references and run a credit check. You should make sure that the tenant keeps your property in the best shape and pays the rent on time. You can also ask the tenant to pay

a reasonable security deposit.

Complete the legal formalities:

You should make sure that your tenant and you, both sign the lease agreement. You can consult an attorney to help you with the legal documents and ensure that local rules and regulations are followed. You must also discuss the payment schedule with the tenant in advance.

Enhance curb appeal:

In order to attract potential tenants, you need to make your house attractive so that it lists in renters list.  You can spruce up the house, lawn and yard, clean the rooms, and repaint the walls. You must inspect the house and fix anything that needs attention. This will help you maintain your house as well find good and reliable tenants.

Price the home competitively:

To attract good tenants, make sure that you decide a reasonable rent. For this you should check out some of the local real estate sites, visit a few competitive properties and then decide a fair price. Highlight the important aspects and features of your home and besides deciding the right price, make sure that you market your house in the best way.

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