Tips To Lower Your Utility Bills: Ft Hood Rentals

When living in a rental home you have to pay a fixed amount of rent every month but there are many things that can help you lower your utility bills considerably. This will help you cut on the costs and make huge savings while at the same time conserving energy for a better environment.

Here are some useful tips that can help lower utility bills in your rental home:

  • Save on water consumption: You might have to pay a fixed amount of the bill but limiting the amount of water that you use or waste can substantially lower the overall monthly bill amount. Keeping small things in mind like turning off the tap while brushing teeth, taking shorter showers can make a big change in the utility bill.
  • Change light bulbs: You should consider installing CFL or LED bulbs in place of your existing light fixtures. Although they may be initially expensive to purchase, they are far more energy efficient and last for long. These bulbs use only 20 to 25 percent of the total energy required by the traditional bulbs.
  • Install digital thermostat: It is a complete waste of money and energy to keep your home heated when you have gone out. You can instead get a digital thermostat installed and program it to turn off and on depending when there is someone at home.
  • Power strips: This are also a good option to turn off all the appliances at once when not n use or when there is no one at home. All you have to do is connect all such electronic gadgets with the power strip.
  • Caulking windows and doors: This is another easier and cheaper way to reduce your utility bills. Preventing the heat from getting out through cracks or vents in the doors and windows will make your heating unit work more efficiently and consume less energy. Thus, you will have saved on extensive bills and make substantial difference to the environment.

For any assistance on searching affordable rental properties in Fort Hood, TX, feel free to contact Hunter Rentals and Property Management. Our experienced agents will conduct a full house inspection and suggest ways in which you can lower your utility bills. For more details, you can call at (254) 634 – 3311.

Benefits Of Renting A Furnished Apartment In Killeen, TX

Home hunters have many considerations when they search for a new place to move in like the homes location, amenities and budget. However the long list can be made a lot shorter if you consider renting a furnished apartment. Hunter Rentals & Property Management provides furnished apartments for rent which come with their own set of benefits. Furnished apartments come with beautiful furniture and décor and are ready to move in. Some of the benefits of renting a furnished apartment are:

Easier to move around:

It is quite beneficial for people who frequently have to move from one location to another. When renting furnished apartments they do not have to carry the heavy furniture and home items with themevery time they change the location.

No Need to Purchase Furniture: 

You save money by not having to buy furniture and moving it to your new place. Also each apartment has different space and size available to place furniture which may not be suitable to the one you own. Renting in a furnished apartment can save the tenants from the extra expenses.

Decorate the property according to choice:

Though the landlords provide the tenants with furniture, they can choose the décor of their own choice and even spend more on it as they do not have to spend extra for the furniture.

No Issue of Huge Furniture:

There may be a chance that your existing furniture might not fit in the new apartment due to magnificent size. Renting into a furnished apartment can also save the tenants from this problem.

Saves Time and Energy:

Moving furniture from one place to another involves a lot of time and energy which could be saved with the idea of renting in a furnished apartment.  Sometimes the furniture is also tampered or scratched while moving it from one place to another. Therefore it is a good idea to prefer furnished apartments over unfurnished ones.

Saves the costs:

The cost of moving furniture is also high and sometimes becomes difficult for the tenant to bear. Furnished apartments come with the advantage of helping the tenant save a lot of money.

Tenants who plan short term rentals usually prefer furnished apartments as it is cheaper and easier. We at Hunter Rentals and Property Management offer apartments for rent. You can browse through our website to choose a desired house from the MLS Listing. You can also visit our office at 1503 W Stan Schlueter Lp, Killeen TX 76549 or call us at (254) 634-3311 for more details.

Property Management Services In Killeen, Texas

Renting out a property is a profitable but a time consuming experience as the landlord has to deal with finding good tenants, managing the property and taking care of various other issues. If you are planning to rent out your property and are concerned about managing it then you can consider hiring the services of Hunter Rentals & Property Management in Killeen, Texas.

They can help with your rental property management in a number of ways:

Finding Tenants

While renting out property the first and biggest concern is finding reliable, quality tenants. You would definitely like to rent out your property to someone responsible who not only pays the rent on time but also takes care of the property. A dependable property management service advertises your property and markets it through proper marketing strategies and channels. They spread the word that your property is open for renting and once they receive an application they screening the tenant for their past renting records. A property management firm ensures that you get the right tenant to avoid problems like evictions and rental scams.

Completing Legal Formalities

It is the prime responsibility of a property manager to complete all the legalities. From preparing lease agreements to handling eviction cases, they take care of everything. They are professionals who have complete understanding and knowledge of tenant-landlord laws such as inspections, lease addendums, terminating leases, safety and handling security deposits. Property managers ensure that all the rules are followed properly.

Retaining Tenants

When you rent out your property your main aim is to earn an extra income and having vacancies leads to losses. The property manager helps in filling vacancies as quickly as possible while trying to retain good tenants. They have tenant retention policies that ensure that tenants are happy with their stay. They use systematic, consistent approaches for handling retention. The manager visits the properties frequently and arranges for repairs and renovations when required.

Collecting Rent

A property manager is also responsible for collecting rent on time and resolves any issues related to rent. He enforces lease policies if the payments are not made on time.

Reducing Repair & Maintenance Costs

To keep the tenants content and satisfied, it is crucial that you undertake maintenance and repairs on regular intervals. A trusted property management company helps reduce the maintenance and repair costs as they have their in-house maintenance staff. They also have links with insured, bonded and licensed contractors who do quality work and offer services at the best prices.

The property management company helps landlord handle every issue related to renting. By hiring Hunter Rentals & Property Management you can have more time for yourself and use it in other productive ways.