Renting To Tenants With Pets

Often landlords refrain from renting out their home to pet owners due to various reasons such as the mess created by the pets, damage that they might cause to the property and noise. However it is a fact that landlords who accept tenants with pets have better chances of occupancy.

Here are some tips that will help you rent your property to tenants with pets:

  • Before renting your unit to tenants with a pet you should decide what kind of pets you are comfortable with. People have a variety of pets such as caged birds, fishes, cats and dogs. Although most pets make a mess, some like cats are cleaner than others. On the other hand birds and fishes remain in a confined area and do not create much noise or mess. You could consider allowing smaller dogs if you are limited for space.  Whatever pet you accept you should make sure that the owner takes full responsibility to keep the house clean.
  • You can charge pet deposits as a security in case the pet causes any accident or damages your property. A responsible tenant will pay for it willingly before renting the property. If any tenant refuses or is reluctant to pay the deposit you can reconsider your decision to rent out your property to him.
  • Check out the current place of residence of your potential tenant to see if they have properly maintained that place. Visiting their current residence will give you a clear idea about the tenant and help you decide whether you want to rent out your house to them or not.
  • If possible you should see the pet beforehand to check whether it is well-trained or not. The pet should smell clean and have a healthy skin and coat.
  • You can also inquire about the vaccination of the pet before taking the final decision. You should consider pets that have won some titles or gone for temperament tests.
  • The owner who interacts with the pet or provides necessary toys and tools to keep it involved is worth considering as it shows that the he is responsible towards the needs of his pet.
  • Get references from pet trainers, vets and groomers with whom your potential tenant interacts in routine. You can even enquire from the previous landlord to find if the potential tenant is a responsible pet owner.

You can easily avail the benefits of renting home to pet owners by being little considerate and careful.

Rental Background Check For Property Owners

If you are a landlord or a property manager who is planning to rent out a property then you should be aware that it is crucial for the safety of your property that you thoroughly check the background of a potential tenant. Proper screening of the background of the potential tenant, before allowing him access to your property, can help you avoid risks and protect your reputation and investment. A professional property management company can help you find a reliable tenant whom you can confidently hand over the keys to your property. Here are some points that may help you properly screen your tenants.

Check the rental references

The references provided by the previous landlords can greatly help you decide whether you want to rent out your unit to the particular tenant or not. From the rental references you can be informed about the prospective tenant’s history about paying rent on time and how he treated the property during his stay. Every landlord who wants to rent out his house for regular income seeks a tenant who offers timely payments. To ensure that you get your rent on time you should make sure that the tenant does not have a history of late payments.

Check work details and sources of income

To ensure regular payment of rent you should check the employment details of the potential tenant. He should have a regular source of income to cover the rent amount. You should make sure that the tenant has the capacity to pay rent on time.

Check credit score

To find a responsible tenant make sure you check the credit score of the potential tenant while screening his background. Accept the tenant only if his credit score falls within the range of acceptable credit scores and also check for any bankruptcies in the applicant’s records to ensure that you pick the right tenant for your property.

Evictions and criminal background

If you do not want to deal with evictions in the future you should carefully check the applicant’s background to find out about any previous evictions. You must make sure the prospective tenant had no evictions in the past as this will help you avoid candidates who can cause trouble. Moreover, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the potential tenant does not have any criminal records and is not a threat to the people living around in the society.

These points will help you find responsible tenant and avoid any issues that may arise due to irresponsible behavior of the tenant.

Reasons Not To Buy A House: Killeen Rentals

Owning a home is a lifelong dream for majority of people however, the option of having a house is not always feasible for everyone. Depending upon your job type and financial position you should make a thought out decision whether renting or buying is a better option for you. For instance, if you have a job that requires constant travel homeownership may not be a suitable option for you at the moment.

Given here are some of the reasons why renting can be a better option than buying a house:

  • No repair bills or maintenance costs: One of the biggest benefits that renters have over homeowners is that they do not have to bear the costs of maintenance and repairs. When you rent a house it is the liability of the landlord to repair all the issues. If there is a leak in the roof or an appliance stops working, you are not responsible to pay the expenses of the repairs.
  • Access to amenities: Another benefit that renter can have is that they have an easy access to the amenities that otherwise cost a lot of money.
  • No taxes: Renters are exempted from paying the hefty real estate taxes which is one of the biggest expense for homeowners.
  • More flexibility: Renting offers a lot more flexibility as compared to buying a house. Leases are typically renewed on a yearly or monthly basis. Thus, the tenants are not forced to stay at a place for long term. They can easily relocate to a new place and such flexibility cannot be had by homeowners.
  • Lower Insurance: Homeowners are required to get a homeowner’s insurance policy that usually has high premiums. On the other hand, a rental house is covered under the landlord’s insurance and tenants just need to have a renter’s insurance to safeguard their personal belongings, in case of a loss or damage.
  • Big city living: Renting is the most suitable option for people who wish to live in a big city. Due to the sky-rising real estate prices buying a house might not be feasible for everyone. In such a scenario, renting an apartment or a condo can help.

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