Home Staging To Rent: The Latest Techniques That Really Work

Home staging is the process of cleaning and decorating a house to sell or rent it in the real estate market. Proper home staging techniques help prospective renters and buyers visualize their life in the property and take quick decisions. Homeowners can do home staging on their own or they can hire professional home staging companies for decking up their home and speed up the renting process. Here are some latest techniques that really work and help you stage your home successfully.

Create a welcoming entrance

Whether you are living in a house or an apartment it is important that you work on the entrance of your house. It should be clean, organized and inviting to people. You can use flowerpots, green plants and a few wall paintings to give the entrance a warm welcoming look.

Enhance the curb appeal

The curb appeal of a house is very essential to attract potential tenants in your house. You should repaint the exterior walls, clean the lawn, and prune the shrubs and trees to give a clean maintained look to your house. You should make sure that your house gives a nice first impression.

Clean and fix

Before staging, it is crucial that you clean the house thoroughly and discard any unnecessary things. If you do not have the time or energy to do the task, then you can hire professional cleaning companies to do the job for you. Their trained professionals will clean the house, carpets, upholstery, furniture and roofs. Besides cleaning you also need to make sure that everything is in working condition and fix anything that is not working. Whether it is kitchen and bathroom fixtures or electrical fittings and appliances, you must make sure that everything is in order.

Depersonalize and de clutter

To enhance the appeal of your home you must remove all the personal items like photo frames and portraits to depersonalize the home.  The tenant should be able to visualize him and his family living there and you should provide them with a blank canvas.

Make rooms look spacey

Your rooms should look spacey, airy and large. You can rearrange the furniture and keep it to a minimum. You can also get the walls in a lighter color to give the room a large feel. The curtains and wall mirrors should be clean. A large, clean and spacious room will attract attention and help tenants take the decision in your favor.

Property Maintenance Tips That Can Save Landlords Money

Landlords have to routinely deal with a number of different situations and make wise decisions about how to deal with them. Since the landlord is responsible for the major share of the costs and expenses incurred in way of property maintenance and repairs, it is important that landlords pay timely importance to minor issues in order to save money. There are quite a few things which landlords can do to ensure that property maintenance costs can be kept to a bare minimum. A landlord should locate and fix small problems in time as this will help them save large amounts of money in the long run. The following tips can be of great help when it comes to property maintenance.

Regular Pest Control – As a landlord, you may not be aware of any pests or rodents in your rental property. Even if that is the case, it pays to perform regular pest control on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. You can engage a professional for the job and ensure that the problem is taken care of. Monthly pest control is a recurring expense but it is meager compared to what you might have to spend if you actually develop a pest problem. As a worst case scenario, you might even lose your tenants if the problem becomes severe.

Water Damage and Leaks –The most devastating structural damage is water damage. Leaks and water damage can cause harm to walls, floors, ceiling, tiles, furniture and other possessions of the tenant. It can also lead to the formation of mold which is a pain to remove completely. To avoid the prospect of large expenses later, it is wise to periodically check for leaks and water damage in order to identify problems and carry out minor repairs.

Testing Safety Measures – It is always better to be safe and checking all safety measures in your rental property periodically has its advantages. You should make sure that you perform thorough routine checks on devices like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure that they are performing optimally. Fire safety measures should also be regularly tested for effectiveness. In the event of a disaster, you need these to be functional and at your disposal.

Service Water Heaters – Heating bills form a large part of household expenses of rental properties and regularly servicing your water heaters counters the buildup of sediment and keeps things functioning efficiently.

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Renting Your Home To Tenants With Pets

If you are a landlord who is in a dilemma regarding whether to rent out your property to someone with pets or not, then this article is going to help you. After realizing the benefits of renting home to tenants with pets, more and more people are making their property pet friendly. By accepting tenants having pets, you can not only improve the occupancy rate but also retain the tenants for a long time. It is beneficial to set some fair rules and regulations for pet owners rather than totally ruling out the pet owners as tenants. There are a number of benefits of accepting tenants with pets such as increase in demand of your property, attracting long-term and responsible tenants. Here are some points to keep in mind before renting your home to tenants with pets.

  • It is crucial that you consider all the types of pets that people can have and decide which pets you can allow at your premises. Many landlords prefer cats to dogs as they are cleaner and can stay content in confined areas. You can also consider allowing small dogs and other little pets.
  • You should try to get maximum information about the tenant and the pet. For this, you can even talk to the previous landlord of the tenant to know whether the pet behaves well or has caused any damages to their property or not.
  • You can even ask to see the pet before allowing the tenant to rent the property. Find out how the animal behaves, whether it smells bad or sheds hair. These are the indicators of how the tenant keeps the pet and a well-groomed pet indicates that the owner cares for cleanliness.
  • Check out the veterinary reports of the pet to confirm if the pet is timely vaccinated or not. This will help you judge whether the tenant is a responsible pet owner.
  • Include a pet policy clause in your tenancy agreement and make sure that the pet owner has a valid license or permit, if applicable.
  • You should ask the tenant for a security deposit for any possible damage that their pet could cause to the rental property.
  • Consider a pet that has won some titles and has taken proper training.
  • Limit the number of pets in a unit.
  • Ask for references including vets, trainers and groomers with whom the potential tenant claims to interact about the pet.

These tips will help you carefully choose a responsible tenant and have no difficulty in keeping the ones with pets.