Benefits Of Renting A Townhome In Killeen TX

Townhouse apartments are becoming popular with tenants because of the varied features they provide that are not found in other apartments. They share a common wall with the adjacent houses in dense neighborhoods, are multi level, and are both affordable and perfect for families and individuals living together.  Rising apartment costs in urban areas has attracted a lot of tenants towards these dwellings and is becoming an attractive rental option. Here are some benefits of renting out a townhouse:

  • Multi-level: Townhouse apartments are usually multi-level and have two or three levels. This way it becomes easy for its residents to keep it organized and decorate it the way they want. Separate play space for kids can be provided where their toys can be stacked away from the guests visiting your place.
  • Backyard: Townhouse apartments generally have a small backyard that can be used for creating a small garden or enjoying the time just sitting idle in the sun. When you have children and pets, having a backyard definitely becomes a necessity.
  • Design Benefits: Since townhouse apartments share common walls, it creates a sense of a secure neighborhood. Suspicious noises from adjacent houses can be easily heard and unusual people visiting the area can be closely observed by neighbors. Since no people live below or above you, it also creates a sense of more privacy.
  • Common Areas: Townhouse unit owners can pool money for recreational activities like a gym, pool, tennis court and other facilities as long as there is room to add these facilities. This way they can use these common areas as they receive a percent of ownership and give them legal right to use these areas.
  • Financial Benefits: Townhouse apartments are inexpensive than other family homes in a neighborhood. Many townhouse apartments have basements that allow for a lot of storage space that saves on storage fees. Tenants who wish to use one level for office use and another for home can also benefit by not having to pay extra for a place leased for office purposes.

Tenants who want more square footage and privacy can consider renting townhouses because of the features they provide. They are quieter and larger than apartments priced at similar prices.

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How To Spot A Well-Kept Rental Property In Killeen TX

When you are looking for a well-kept rental property, finding one might not be as easy as you think. While some rental properties are so well-kept that the fact becomes clearly visible at first sight, there are a number of factors involving good maintenance which are not so skin deep. You cannot get a concrete idea about these factors from the outside and only very careful scrutiny can reveal whether a rental property is truly well-kept on all aspects. When looking for the right rental property, you need to know what to look for and how to read the signs. To ensure that you end up with a property which is truly well maintained and would serve your purpose optimally here are a few tips.

On the Outside

When you look at a rental property from the outside, you need to ensure that you see all the signs of a healthy, well maintained property. Look for a lawn that looks fresh and perfectly maintained. Take a careful look at the paint on the exterior to see if it is fresh and new. You need to inspect every inch of the fencing and the porches to ensure that they are in prime condition. Look around the property closely for any signs of drainage problems which need fixing.

On the Inside

When you enter the property, you need to be guided by your senses of vision and smell. Check and see if the place smells dry and fresh. Inspect the condition of the paint on the walls, the condition and quality of the flooring installed, and for an overall look which is clean and well maintained. The next thing you should take a look at is plumbing and drainage. Make sure that faucets and taps work as expected and there are no leaks. Ensure that the water supply in the kitchen and the bathroom is functional and drainage is adequate. You also need to check the overall condition and functionality of the appliances provided. Once you are through with all this, you can finish off by checking the condition of the roof and windows, the state of the electrical supply and whether all lights and switches are in working condition or not.

Nearby Conditions

Check to see if the neighborhood is thriving and lively. Take a close look at the location of the property and ensure that it is close to basic amenities like grocery stores, transportation and medical facilities. You need to ensure that the places you need are close by and remain open during work hours.

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Top Reasons To Rent A Duplex Property In Killeen TX

A duplex house consists of two houses that are built next to each other. These houses share a common wall, yard and driveway. People often consider duplex houses as a better alternative to an apartment for renting, as duplex property offers a number of benefits to the tenants. Here are some of the reasons why you should rent a duplex property.

  • Backyard - One of the main reasons that you should consider a duplex house is that it comes with a yard, which is not available with an apartment. Duplex houses usually have a private or shared backyard where you can enjoy fresh air, walk or exercise and your children can use the yard for running and playing. If your landlord allows it then you can even set up a grill, a swing set or plant some vegetables in the backyard.
  • Garage and Basement- Besides a yard, a duplex house often has garage and basement, which can be useful. With so many families living in apartments, it becomes difficult to use the washer and dryer facilities as per your convenience. You should just make sure that the duplex that you rent out should offer the facility of laundry and other appliances to be used by both the families living.
  • Utilities- Another reason you can prefer duplex house to an apartment is that here you get separate utilities, such as electric meter, gas meter, etc., whereas in an apartment, landlords usually divide the bills equally among the tenants whether they use the facility or not. A tenant ends up paying more in an apartment than what they use which can be a huge amount. By renting a duplex, you will pay for what you exactly use and thus, avoid over paying for any facility.
  • Privacy- A duplex offers extra privacy and more space to the tenants. Unlike an apartment, you will have less people around in a duplex house and that makes life quite easy. If you are a person who likes to be on your own and does not prefer to have many people around, then you can consider renting a duplex.  Thus, by renting a duplex, you receive much more benefits than renting an apartment.

Moreover, a duplex gives you a feeling that you are living in your own home rather than living on rent. Moreover, while living in a duplex, you will not have many immediate neighbors to deal them.

We, at Hunter Rentals & Property Management provide you an array rental duplexes in Killeen and surrounding areas. You can visit us at 1503 W Stan Schlueter Lp, Killeen TX 76549 to manage your rental property or call at (254) 634-3311 for any query.

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If you wish to use a database to store your blog data, we still encourage you to enable this write access for an images you may wish to store for your blog posts.  If you are interested in using Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQL CE, or other databases, please see the BlogEngine docs to get started.


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Configuration and Profile

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