Give Your Killeen Rental Home A Face Transplant

There is no doubt about the fact that a well-maintained house with a neat and clean appearance significantly augments your chances of getting great returns for your property. So if you are looking to rent your house in Killeen there are certain ways by which you can give a face transplant to your house and attract the best prospective tenants. Read on to know more.

  • The first major area to be focused upon is the curb appeal of the house. It comprises of three components; the front entrance, the landscaping and the remaining exteriors of the house. The front entrance is the gateway to a house and should be in the best condition. The main entrance door should be freshly painted and the door bell working properly. Functional porch lights and potted plants near the entrance go a long way in adding appeal to your home. Focusing on landscaping like ensuring that the gardens and lawns are well-maintained with proper walkways and fencing and overgrown shrubs are trimmed down gives a neat and clean appearance. The exteriors of the house should be focused upon as well. The paint should be fresh and the doors and windows should be cleaned of spider webs or any cracks. Working upon the curb appeal will attract attention and help in bringing in prospective tenants to see your house.
  • For kitchens and bathrooms it is important to have good flooring. There should not be any leakages from the walls or ceilings. All faucets should be clean and working properly In addition all electrical connections in the house should be rechecked for sparking or marks from usage. In case there is a requirement you can hire the services of a professional electrician or plumber.
  • The doors and windows of the house must open and close easily without making any unwanted squeaky noises. Hinges and bolts can be changed or repaired depending on their condition. The walls should be freshly painted in neutral colors. There should not be any clutter in the house and any extra furniture that is not required should be removed.
  • Last but not the least the carpets should be properly cleaned. Over time they accumulate dust even with regular cleaning. The services of professional cleaners are readily available and if that doesn’t work too then you might have to think of replacing them.

Home Staging Tips For Killeen Rental Apartments

If you have a furnished apartment that you want to rent out in Killeen you need to stage your home effectively. You need to take some steps to enhance the appeal of your home so that your prospective tenants consider it as the best option. To prepare your home for renting you can hire a professional home stager who can bring a fresh prospective to your home by highlighting the positive points.

Remove clutter

Everyone likes to live in a home that is clean, well organized and clutter free. Before staging your home for rent make sure you keep all things at their proper places and remove all the unnecessary clutter. Clean the carpets, curtains, upholstery, kitchen and bathrooms.

Painting walls

To give a fresh and welcoming look to your home you can give a fresh coat of paint to the walls. This will not only help you clean them but also enhance their beauty by removing unsightly marks and stains. Repaint the entryway and outer walls if needed.

Depersonalize your home

Though the apartment is yours it is a good idea to remove all the personal things before staging it to the prospective renters. This will help the prospective tenants get a fresh perspective and visualize personalizing the house as to their liking.

Change old furniture

In case you have furniture that is old and damaged you should consider replacing your furniture with a new and sturdy one. This will increase the value of your property and help you get more monthly rent.

Increase useable space

If you have an unused attic or space in garage try to utilize that extra space creatively. You can use it as a study or a powder room. This will increase the functionality of your home and maximize the space available.

Replace floor tiles, countertops, and leaking faucets

Renters appreciate a house that gives a new and fresh look. If you think your floor tiles are worn out or look dull then replace them with the latest, vibrant quality tiles. You can also freshen up the look of your kitchen by replacing old countertops with new ones that are more durable and classic. Repair all the leaking faucets or replace the damaged fixtures with the latest ones. You can make your bathroom and kitchen more functional and trendy by introducing some of the latest accessories.

Going on Your First Killeen Rental Apartment Tour

Renting an apartment is an experience that calls for a thorough homework. Looking for various properties online or through sources such as friends and acquaintances, newspaper classifieds, and property portals helps you to have plenty of choices at your disposal. Once you have done the hard work and are ready with a list of options, you would love to go and visit the rental properties in Killeen on site so as to know if they match up to your expectations.

Below is a list of pointers that can help in making your first rental apartment tour a success. It will help you know what things you should be on lookout for before you take a final call on your rental.

  • Doors and windows that can be opened and closed properly are the first most important concern. The locks should be working well for both. These are essential for the security of the apartment as well as the building.
  • The floor should be in perfect condition. See to it that the floor is not slanting. Besides that, you should also be careful to watch out for any existing or previous leaks that could create problems when you actually move into the house.
  • The walls and ceilings of the apartment should be closely examined. At times, the walls and ceilings are a clear indicator of the presence of any leakages. It is important to check that there are no such problems with the apartment; they can prove to be detrimental, especially during the rainy season.
  • Water is essential for survival. Therefore you need to check the quality of water in regards to its color and taste, as well as the pressure with which it comes out from taps in the apartment.
  • Ventilation and sunlight play a significant role in elevating the mood of a person. Therefore, when on a rental tour, make sure your apartment is well-ventilated and receives plenty of fresh air and natural sunlight.
  • It will be to your liking if there are some convenience stores in the vicinity of your apartment so that you can easily buy necessities as and when required. Thus, location of the apartment is another factor that will play a role in your final decision.
  • Rodents and bugs are unwanted in any house. Make sure the apartment you are going to rent is free from these. It would also help if you can run the various appliances and see to it that they are working properly.