Things To Look For In A Killeen Rental Home

Choosing a rental property can be an overwhelming experience, especially in a place like Killeen TX where there are so many options to choose from. Hunter Rentals & Property Management can help you make the process easier, by helping you narrow down your search for a rental home that best suits your criteria. We are a rental service and property management company based in Killeen, and have been serving the Fort Hood area for nearly three decades.

The following guidelines put together by our experts can guide you on what you need to look for when hunting for rental apartments in Killeen TX:

  • Look into pest control: Ask questions such as how often the unit is serviced, who is responsible for infestation, and whether the lease includes pest control. You want to make sure that the landlord does not deny responsibility for an infestation presumably caused by the renter.
  • Pay attention to details during the walkthrough: Look out for imperfections in the property. It is a good idea to get in touch with the previous residents and ask them whether they faced any peculiar problems during their stay, such as a problem with mold.
  • Ask about incidentals: This is specially important in areas that are prone to storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. Ask who will be responsible in the event of damage caused by such an event. Also make sure you ask how parking works in case you have guests visiting you.
  • Look into the cabinets: If you have ever watched an exterminator at work, you will notice that cabinets are often the first place he checks. Look carefully for signs of bugs or mice. The corners of the cabinets are mostly where these bugs reside, and black pellets could most likely indicate the presence of mice.
  • Research on the property: Before signing the lease, do some research on the property in question. You want to make sure that there is no legal encumbrance on the property, and it has not been in foreclosure. Also look into the occupancy certificate of the property.

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Benefits Of Living In A Duplex

Everyone is a little too Gung Ho when it comes to choosing a house to live in. For the first time home renters in Killeen TX it might be a surprise to know that a majority of people prefer to live in a duplex. The reason is plain as day. Renting a duplex provides an ideal lifestyle with a sense of security and space. Renters are not the only winners though; a duplex can be a competent option for real estate investors as well.

Below we have listed a few benefits of living in a duplex:

  • Immediate neighbors for immediate assistance: Security is a prime benefit of living in a duplex. You don’t have to bother about keeping a watchful eye all the time, since another family will be living just a door knock away. This sort of living works well when you require an immediate medical aid, or need someone to look after your property while you are on a vacation. It also provides an on-site help in case you have lost your key and need to enter the house or sign an unexpected delivery for you while you are at work.
  • Duplexes are Affordable: One of the significant advantages of renting a duplex is that it cuts the cost of living. Ordinarily, people rent out half of the duplex to another family and live in the other half. This helps them save a considerable amount of money since the cost gets shared between the two units.
  • Independent utilities: In common utilities, landlords divide the amount of electricity and gas bills equally among both units. As a result, some tenants end up getting overcharged or undercharged regardless of what they have actually used. Most duplexes in Killeen have separate utilities for both units. This implies you would be needed to pay for what you actually use.
  • Spatial advantages: Larger living space option is another reason why people prefer to live in duplex. Generally, the duplexes are spacious since they are designed to accommodate two families. It is a win-win situation for renters since larger the space, more the options for decorating your duplex. Additionally, duplexes have front yards and back yards that offer a perfect leisure area to sit and relax.

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