Reasons To Consider Online Rent Collection

With the dominating trend of renting homes in Killeen, there seems to be an upsurge in online rent collection. Many home owners have cut the cord on manual systems and started to adopt online rent collection services. It is not just the owners who reap the benefits of online rent collection though; this new method of payment offers a considerable amount of benefits to the tenants and property management firms as well.

Few of the many benefits of online rent collection are:

  • Dependability:  Collecting rent can be challenging at times. Some tenants are vague, some are late and some just run out of funds to pay rent. Fortunately, online rent collection eliminates all these circumstances by providing a regularly scheduled payment interface that is easy-to-use as well as reliable. With this payment method owners have a better chance of receiving the payment on time.
  • Affordable: For many individuals, cost is a major problem if not the biggest. Collecting in person requires you to go all the way to your tenant and if unfortunately, the tenant does not have enough money to pay you, you need to come again later. Online Rent collection is more economical as with this service, you don’t have to worry about long distance travels and the expenses associated with it.
  • Simple: In this modern era, nobody likes to wait for rent to be delivered into the mailbox. Everybody wants a system that would make it easy and quick for them to collect the rent. Online rent collection is quite a flexible service that simply acts as third party websitethat allows rent to be delivered straight into the bank account of your choice, thus simplifying the rent collection.
  • Secure: Security is one of the primary benefits of Online Rent Collection. As long as you choose a legit online rent collection services, there is no chance of anyone to see your bank information.But before you settle for anyonline rent collection service, you need to make sure it is well- reputed, licensed and 100% secure. You can ask for the recommendations from well-known real estate and property management companies while choosing an online rent collection services.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, online rent collection updates the tenant rent payment information immediately and provides them with an email notification set up for upcoming policy changes, late payment status and maintenance request etc.

Rental Home Inspection Checklist

A routine rental inspection is a must after almost every three months. All the tenants are given a notice prior to the inspection so that there is adequate time to prepare for the same. The purpose of a rental inspection is to identify the loopholes or problems in a home and conduct the requisite repairs.

A rental inspector is the person who performs the complete checking of a property. He identifies and notes the problems present in the house so that the property manager can review them. He will thoroughly check any damage done to the property or any violation of the rental agreement.

As a renter, you need to prepare your home before an inspection is done. Below are some tips to ensure that the complete process goes on smoothly without any interruption.

  • Clean the flooring in your apartment using a mop on the hard surfaces and a vacuum cleaner on carpeted surfaces. Check whether the flooring is damaged, stained or distorted from anywhere.
  • Check the walls carefully and look for any damage to the paint. Also, note down any cracks or stains in the walls.
  • Carefully scrutinize the doors and look for any sort of structural damages. Check the functioning of all the locks and do not forget to see if the hinges are properly attached.
  • Windows must be checked for any damage and all the locks must be tested thoroughly. Proper dusting of all the blinds and curtains is a must and you should ensure that they open in a proper manner.
  • Check if all the cupboards and storage spaces are in a good condition. Clean the spaces as necessary.
  • All the ceilings and light fixtures must be free from any kind of damage. Carefully look for any broken fixtures or electrical problems.
  • All the appliances and smoke alarms must function well and be free from dust or debris. Note any grease or stains in the appliances and clean them as required.
  • Apart from the above mentioned aspects, check the functioning of bathrooms and toilets as well as the working of air conditioners and heating systems.
  • In the exterior portion, check the paint, pathways, stairs, handrails, guardrails, garage, garden and even pets.

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