Common Mistakes Property Owners Make

There are a whole lot of complexities involved in the rental property business. As a new or old landlord, who has rental properties in Killeen, it is important that you remain cautious. It is also better if you hand over most of the rental property work to a professional property management firm.

Hunter Rentals & Property Management has fully-trained and experienced people who can help you with all the aspects of real estate property as well as rent-related issues. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind as a landlord. Read on to know about some common landlord mistakes so that you don’t fall into the same trap…

  • Thorough professionalism is a must in the property rental business. If you are giving away your home for rent in Killeen, TX, make sure that you follow all the requisite procedures and laws. You can take the help of our reputable property management company if you cannot handle all the things on your own. Our property managers will do all the work for you including the upkeep and maintenance of records, screening of tenants, timely rent collection etc.
  • Never ever become laidback as far as rent collection is concerned. It is important that you make it clear to the tenants that you want the rent on the date mentioned in the rental agreement. If you will not be serious, eventually your tenant will also not take this aspect in a serious vein. In case, your tenants do not pay heed to the rental agreement, you have all the rights to take legal action against them.
  • Screening tenants in a proper manner is imperative; else you might face problems later on. You must conduct a thorough checking of the credit history, job history etc. Here too, our property management services come in very handy as we take the entire burden off you by screening the tenants and getting the perfect one for your property.
  • You need to keep in mind the additional expenses that you will have to bear in case you have a rental property. These include the expenses of maintenance, advertising as well as repair work. If you do not consider this beforehand, you might end up being a failure in the property rental business.
  • If you have more than one property to manage, it is obvious that handling everything will become very difficult. Our property management company to look into all the aspects without ignoring anything.
  • Last but not the least; you must do thorough research before buying any property. This will help you in determining whether it will be easy to sell-off your property later on if you ever want to. Never invest before doing all the required homework; otherwise all your money can go down the drain and make you broke.

Smart Landlord Policies For Pet-Friendly Rentals

There are many property owners in Killeen TX who allow the tenants to keep pets in their homes. However, there are a number of issues associated with pets; ranging from damage to the property as well as a threat of pet-induced injuries.

In such a scenario, it becomes all the more imperative that you bring down the potential risks associated with keeping pets in your rental properties in Killeen. Read on to know about some smart landlord policies that will save you from any sort of trouble in case you hire a renter who has a pet with him.

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is: ‘frame a pet agreement in the lease.’ All the intelligent policies associated with keeping pets on your property must be included in this agreement and it should be a part of your lease. This will give the tenants a clear picture as to what all rules they need to adhere to if they want to stay in your apartment.

You must get this agreement signed by your tenant even if he does not own any pets at present. He might buy one later on and therefore it is important for him to know the rules regarding the same.

You can include the following clauses in the pet agreement:

  • You must mention the kinds of pets that will be allowed in your property. Also, you must mention the number of pets that can be kept in your home in Killeen TX. You can give permission or ban the entry of a certain breed of dogs in your home depending upon your preference.
  • You must clearly describe in your agreement that you will only allow the tenants to bring in their pets at home. After all, you do not want that your tenants come into your rental home carrying other people’s pets as well.
  • You should make it a requirement for the tenants to get your approval before they bring in a certain kind of pet into your rental home. However, this requirement can be exempted for harmless pets such as fishes etc. Before you give your approval for a particular kind of pet, make sure that you check the background thoroughly. For instance, you must know whether the pet has caused any damage to a property previously.
  • Ask the tenants to be fully responsible for the behavior of their pets. They should not create a mess or disturb the other tenants and neighbors.
  • Last but not the least, make your tenants understand that they must get their pets vaccinated at the right time. Apart from this, all dogs and cats must be given an identification collar that includes details about their vaccinations.

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